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I just wanted to tell you your flip flop heel balm rocks! I had the worst calluses ever and they've gone away since exfoliating and applying your balm. Now to try your other products!

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Thank you so much for leting me try a free bottle the heel balm for my daughter it goes fast but I found that it was leting her have soft skin:-) 
If you can give me a price of a bigger bottle of the organic non fragrance. I also love the hawaiian cocnut that I got for myself.
I'm from oregon and found that it works for us:)
Thank you again, and I'm looking forward to get prices for a bigger bottle of the body whip that we got.

melissa wattenbarger




 Melody,  We both enjoy your wonderful products so much.  It is such a pleasure to use something so nice and fragrant.  Look in the mirror everyday and know that your hard work and artistry are so very much appreciated! Thank You!  Mike & Liz - Rancho Cucamonga


Saying something Nice :)   I just received my Green Tea Body Butter.  I love it!  I had forgot how nice it goes on.  I need to plan a visit to PS so I can smell your other fragrances at Village Fest.  Thank you for continuing to make this great product.   Amiee, Costa Mesa, CA


Saying Somthing Nice :)
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Hello i just want to tell you how happy I am with your flipflop balm. I was at the market last week the lady at the booth told me that lots of diabetics use this on their feet. I am a diabetic and have never found anything so nice on my feet. In one weeks time my heals are soft and do not Hurt!!:) no more soreness or bleeding WOW I will be ording more online I live on a small Island in BC Canada.
thank you and I wish you all the best with your business!



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