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Want to Sell Body Whip?

Over the past six years, Body Whip products have grown from a single location endeavor to a regional sensation because of the quality of the creams, lotions, and scrubs. But people everywhere are looking for safer, more natural body care products made without parabens and formaldehyde. 
Body Whip is currently looking for individuals interested in introducing Body Whip products to their area at fairs, festivals, and street markets. These events are held weekly all over the country and have proven to be a good outlet to introduce and distribute the product.  The company is currently looking for self-motivated people who know what it takes to run a business and want to be an independent contractor.  You would be able to sell Body Whip products in any location you choose and it can be one event, or as many as you would like.  
This is NOT a multi level marketing structure and, you do not recruit family and friends.  However, selling this awesome product to family and friends is highly encouraged.  Sales depend on how hard you work.  
If you would like more information about the Starter Package and how to become a Body Whip Vendor, please send an email and any questions to  

Warmest regards,

Melody Swearengin
Owner and Developer
Body Whip